ZAZU Amsterdam creates stylish knitwear for women, all handmade in Ecuador. We are of the opinion that everyone deserves to wear clothes that make the wearer and the maker proud. That is why we create knitwear with a good story behind it.


Our clothes tell the story of the love and dedication of our artisans. We work with a group of 30 women from Ecuador who earn a fair (five times market rate) salary for their knitting work. While doing what they love, our knitters have significantly improved their families’ lives. 


The wool we use is silky soft, luxurious wool from free-range alpaca llama and merino sheep, sustainably sourced in Latin America. Our wool is eco-friendly, as our suppliers use non-toxic dyes, clean their waste wáter and use renewable energy. 


Become the wearer of unique product, that combines effortless style with ecuadorian craftsmanship.